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UK Spouse Visa Guide for British Sponsor and Dutch national applicant written by UK Immigration and Family Lawyer Mr Saleh Begh

1. Your nationality and residence : British (United Kingdom)

2. Your partner nationality and residence : Dutch (Netherlands)

The information below is for you, if you are a British citizen (or holding UK permanent residence) and your partner is a Dutch national.

You currently reside in United Kingdom whereas your partner resides in Netherlands .

Must have documents for UK spouse visa for Dutch nationals

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UK Spouse Visa Fees, Income and Savings required information (PDF).

UK Approved English language tests centres (1,451 in total ) (PDF).

UK Spouse Visa (Genuine Relationship Evidence) (PDF).

UK Spouse Visa Guide Contents

UK Spouse Visa Key Considerations
UK Partner Visa from Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • EU Settlement Scheme family permit from Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • UK Home Office Approved English Tests Centres in Netherlands
    Top 10 Reasons for UK Family Visa Refusal (British and Dutch)
    UK spouse visa processing time in 2023 from Amsterdam, Netherlands

    UK Spouse Visa Key Requirements

    Finance and accommodation (UK Spouse Visa British and Dutch)
    Earned income (Employment Salary / Wages / Self Employed / Business profits)
    Cash Savings
    UK Spouse Visa Finance Worked examples
    Receiving UK government benefits
    Accommodation in the UK
    Relationship evidence

    Visa procedure, where to apply and provide the biometric details in Netherlands

    UK Spouse Visa Fees 7 December 2023
    Dutch UK Spouse Visa Supporting Documents Bundle
    UK Spouse Visa Taking the first step
    More about the spouse visa guide author - Saleh Begh

    UK Spouse Visa Frequently Asked Questions Amsterdam Netherlands

    Can I apply for UK spouse visa from Netherlands
    Is there a UK Spouse Visa interview?
    How long does UK spouse visa take in 2023? (Priority & Super Priority options)

    UK Spouse Visa Key requirements

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    The Immigration Rules states that :
  • you both must be over the age of 18;
  • you must have met each other in person and be legally married (unless you are applying as an unmarried partner of course [alternatively] apply for a UK Marriage Visa or a UK Fiancée visa both have different requirements. | );
  • you both must intend to live together permanently ;
  • you must have enough money to support yourselves and any dependants without claiming public funds (unless of course you receive PIP / DLA / CA .. [Read more]);
  • the sponsor must hold and evidence British / ILR / EUSS / Refugee status documents.
  • they must have suitable accommodation for you and any dependent children;
  • and you must satisfy the English language requirements and have medical certificate for TB (where required).

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    UK family Visa from Netherlands

    Now lets look into the various aspects of the requirements listed above when you are British and your partner is Dutch and you reside in United Kingdom and your partner resides in Netherlands.

    You are a British citizen, thus you do not need any documents to live and work in the UK. However your partner is Dutch national. They would need to have UK immigration status documents.

    European Family - EU Settlement Scheme family permit

    Since your partner is an European Dutch national, they may be able to apply for EUSS status documents in the UK. Please also note that EEA nationals, such as your partner and their family (partner and children) were not required to provide English language certificates or TB medical documents, however this has changed due to Brexit (30 June 2021). Please note that EEA nationals had to be in the UK before UK left the EEA on 31 December 2020 and had applied for and was granted EEA Settled or Pre-Settled status can sponsor their spouse or partner on the EEA route provided the relationship also predates brexit. If not you must apply using the UK domestic route (UK Spouse Visa Route)

    UK Embassy in Netherlands

    The British Embassy in Netherlands maintains and develops relations between the UK and Netherlands. You may need to contact the UK embassy for some official documents. This may be required under Dutch law, if you want to get married there or need other consular services as a UK national or UK resident . UK embassy in Netherlands, their web page links are provided below for more details:
    The Hague British Embassy The Hague

    Your partner is a Dutch national thus not exempt from the English language requirements for a Spouse / Partner visa, they would need to take the A1 / A2 (extension) or provide other English language evidence unless they qualify and apply under the EUSS Scheme.

    UK Visa English Language Guide video Amsterdam

    UK Home Office Approved English Test Centres in Netherlands

    Get help Booking your test with an UK Approved test centre [Call us ☎] .

    You must take your test with an UK Approved test provider. If you are outside of the UK i.e in Netherlands you can only take a SELT (English Test) with one of the following providers: IELTS SELT Consortium | LanguageCert | Pearson | PSI Services (UK) Ltd

    If you are already in the UK (on a different visa or for visa extension application) You can take a SELT with the providers mentioned above or with Trinity College London. Click here for UK Spouse Visa English test centres in the UK

    UK Spouse visa Approved English Test Centre address in Netherlands

    ==> IELTS SELT Consortium NL011 BC Amsterdam Oxford House, Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 328/E, 1012 RW Amsterdam, The Netherlands Amsterdam CD IELTS for UKVI IELTS for UKVI Life Skills
    Status : Open for English tests

    ==> LanguageCert 8651 Amsterdam IP Campus Diemermere 13-19, 4th floor. 1112 TB Diemen NETHERLANDS Amsterdam LanguageCert International ESOL SELT
    Status : Open for English tests

    ==> Pearson 81496 IP Campus Amsterdam Dalsteindreef 1042, 1112 XC Amsterdam PTE Academic UKVI, PTE Home
    Status : Open for English tests

    ==> PSI 13065 Amsterdam - IP Campus Dalsteindreef 1042, 1112 XC, Diemen, Amsterdam Amsterdam Skills for English UKVI
    Status : Open for English tests

    Top 10 Reasons for Family Visa Refusal (Dutch and British)

    UK spouse visa processing time in 2023 Amsterdam, Netherlands

    The standard spouse visa UK processing time in December 2023 is 3 to 5 months (on average 14 weeks) if you are making the application from outside the UK. Priority service is back and you could get a decision faster say 3 to 8 weeks. If you are making the application from inside the UK the wait time is 8 to 12 weeks (on average 10 weeks). For human rights applications it is 11 months or longer. We can prepare and submit your application and get a decision within a week if you use our Super VIP service. [ Click here ✉] or call Please note that there are additional legal fees and extra Home Office fees for this service. The relevant location is where the applicant is based as ALL applications are done online.

    Dutch and British UK Spouse Visa Requirements

    Finance and accommodation (UK Spouse Visa Dutch and British)

    Earned income
    Usually for a spouse visa, the sponsor (British or another nationality but holding ILR / Refugee Status) would need to show that they earn £18,600 per year (before tax) (£38,700 from Spring 2024) . It goes up to £22,400 if there is also a child (non-British only) (Spring 2024 figures not yet announced). For each additional child you need to add £2,400 on top. Sponsors in the UK who receive certain benefits such as Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Carer Allowance (CA) etc are not required to show earned income in the same way. Please also note that only the income of the British sponsor is usually counted even if the applicant abroad ( in Netherlands ) seeking the visa is also working there. UK earned income of both spouses can be used, not relevant in your case, this is provided that both are working in the UK and have the right to work for the period claimed. The simplest way to meet this requirement is by having a salaried job for over 6 months on a fixed monthly income.

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    Self-employed or Deemed as self-employed (Dutch and British documents bundle in 2023)
    If the British sponsor is the Director or related to the Director of the company that is paying the sponsor salary then the sponsor would be deemed as self-employed. Therefore, minimum one year payslips and bank statements must be submitted, and currently this would fall within the company’s financial year (1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023). If a previous year also had income above the required levels that too should be provided. In the event the most recent financial year is below the required level it is possible to provide two years and seek to present an average over two years to show the British sponsor does indeed meet the financial requirements.

    Below is the list of documents that usually needs to be submitted as part of the UK spouse visa application financial bundle (Dutch and British) and also the period it should cover:
    - CT600 Corporate Tax Return - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023
    - Certificate of Incorporation and Current Appointment Record from Companies House
    - Unaudited Business accounts - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023
    - Business bank statements - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023
    - Current appointment report from companies house - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023
    - Business premises lease/Certificate of VAT registration/ PAYE as an employer - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023
    - Dividend vouchers - 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023
    - Payslips showing gross income (For British sponsor from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023)
    - Personal bank statements – all payments and dividends are shown being paid (For British Sponsor from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023

    Since you are applying after 28 April 2023 you would need to include April to December 2023 documents to show that your income is continuing at the same or at a higher level. This area is very complex and you should seek help to get results first time!
    Avoid delays, confusion and headache get in touch now |

    Savings (New calculations from April 2024)
    Savings can be used to supplement the parties income provided the total is above £16,000 and was held continuously for 6 months or more. The amount above the £16,000 minimum balance is divided by the duration of the visa (2.5 years in this case) and then added to the earned income. Savings held out-side the UK ( in Netherlands ) by either party can also be used. You will of course need to provide evidence of the source of the funds as loans and other financial products cannot be used.

    Worked example (now till April 2024)
    Julia is applying for a visa to bring her husband, Lucas to the UK. The financial requirement for a husband, Lucas is £18,600. Julia earns £14,958 per year (35 hours a week at £8.22) - her income is £3,643 below the financial requirement. Julia can use savings to meet the requirement - but needs to have £16,000 plus £2.50 for every £1 her income is below the requirement. The extra amount is 2.5 x 3,643 = £9,106. In total, Julia needs £9,106 + £16,000 = £25,106. This amount of savings or more must be held for 6 months without drop in balance to meet the UK Spouse visa financial requirements. This requirement is the top reason for refusal so seek guidance and make sure you have this covered well. |

    Receiving Benefits
    If Julia is exempt from meeting the standard financial requirements of £18,600 because she receives certain benefits as listed below:
    - Carers Allowance
    - Attendance Allowance
    - Personal Independence Payment

    To evidence this you will need Official documentation from the Department for Work and Pensions or relevant Agency confirming the current entitlement and the amount currently received together with a bank statement issued within the last 12 months showing benefits.
    In this case she only needs to show that she has what the law says a couple like Lucas and Julia would need to live in the UK. This is about £133.30. per week for a couple and £77.78 for each child (2023 / 2024 tax year). The calculation usually involves adding all the benefits and incomes minus housing costs and council tax liabilities. Any savings held is divided by 33 (the duration of the visa in months) and added to as income.

    Why not get in touch now regarding your UK Spouse Visa requirements and calculations call |

    UK Accommodation
    As regards accommodation, as a couple you will normally need a minimum of studio flat and anyone with children would need to secure at least one bedroom flat. Children count as half in UK Housing Act overcrowding calculations. A two bedroom flat with a sitting room / lounge would be enough for 5 people.

    In the above case, Julia, would normally need a studio or one bedroom flat to adequately accommodate her husband, Lucas .

    If you or a family member own your home, you will need a Housing inspection report and a consent letter - We can provide the Housing inspection report and help draft the consent letter. Please call | to book this service.

    Relationship evidence plus where and how to apply (UK Spouse visa)

    Need to establish your relationship
    It has to be genuine, subsisting and durable relationship (British and Dutch).

    You would need to provide sufficient evidence to establish your connection to the Dutch national. Since you would be considered as the sponsor with British citizenship. This would normally include, Dutch marriage certificate, evidence of co-habitation, joint bills, bank statements, birth certificate of any children you have together, joint travel (Netherlands / United Kingdom), visitation and on-going communication and shared or common financial commitments. A wide selection of joint photographs of wedding , engagement and outings together. This requirement is one of the top reasons for refusal so seek guidance and make sure you have this covered well. This is a must with the recent announcement on increase in income requirements to £38,700 (more than double) |

    Procedure and where to apply and provide your biometric details in Netherlands
    The initial application is now done online. You would then be forwarded to TLS Contact Office , they are the UK government's Commercial Partner. They handle UK Visa Applications from Netherlands. This is where you would book your appointment, pay for additional services and provide your passport, fingerprints, have your photos taken and can also submit your supporting documents bundle. Most applicants use the online portal for digital bundles to be uploaded. Go to their website Click Netherlands

    UK spouse visa grant letter update in Netherlands

    UK Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) letters are now issued by the UK Home Office / TLS Contact Office via email from the UK visa centre in Netherlands; physical letters will no longer be issued when you collect your passport and visa from the Dutch UK visa application centre ( TLS Contact Office ). You are reminded that you need to ensure that you have provided a valid email address on your online visa application form and may also need to check your spam/junk folder in order to receive this email. You will also need this when you visit your local Royal Mail post office to collect your UK visa BRP residence card.

    UK Spouse Visa Application Fees 7 December 2023

    UK Spouse visa costs are as follows:
    1. Spouse Visa Application fee £1,846, ($2,381) (2,208 Euros) (Since 4 Oct 2023)
    2. Spouse Visa Medical Insurance fee (IHS) £1,872 ($2,411) (2,239 Euros) for standard spouse visa issued for 2 years and 9 months (Since April 2022)
    3. A1 English test fee about £150 ($190) (where required)
    4. TB test fee about £75 ($95) (where required)

    The fees are paid in US dollars / Euros or your local (British / Dutch) currency. The price you pay may be slightly more than stated above due to currency exchange rates and Home Office Exchange Rates Policy. You may also need to pay for translation services for documents that are not in English. The above $5,070 is for one person. Non-British children who also apply with the spouse will pay around $4,140 each due to no English language requirements and also lower IHS fees ($1,670) for children.

    UK Spouse Visa Application and visa Fees 7 December 2023

    Application typeNew Fee (4 Oct 2023)Old Fee and Change
    Visit visa – short up to 6 months £115
    (138 Euros)
    £100, up £15 ( 🠙 15%)
    Skilled worker (3 years or less) from outside the UK£719
    (860 Euros)
    £625, up £94 ( 🠙 15%)
    Certificate of Sponsorship for Skilled Worker£239
    (286 Euros)
    £199, up £40 ( 🠙 20%)
    Settlement ( Fiancée / Spouse)£1,846
    (2,208 Euros)
    £1,538 up £308 ( 🠙 20%)
    Citizenship (naturalisation)£1,580
    (1,890 Euros)
    £1,330, up £250 ( 🠙 20%)
    Priority service – outside the UK (for routes leading to Settlement)£500
    (598 Euros)
    £573, down £73 ( 🠫 13%)
    Priority service – outside the UK (for routes not leading to Settlement)£500
    (598 Euros)
    £250, up £250 ( 🠙 100%)
    Super Priority service – inside the UK£1,000
    (1,196 Euros)
    £800, up £200 ( 🠙 25%)

    New increased fees for October 2023. The application fee has gone up by 20% (£306) to £1,846 and IHS medical fee will go up by 66% to £1,035 per year (From Mid January 2024). So the new IHS fee will be £3,105 (£1,035 x 3) instead of £1,872 (£624 x 3). You will probably pay around £3,230 plus your bank's transactions fee. Within the UK you will pay for 2.5 years (instead of 3 years) and so IHS will be £2,587.50 (£1,035 x 2.5). Fees quoted in Euros are subject to Currency Convertion rates, which change daily and also subjected to 5% uplift by the UK Home Office. The Home Office uses OANDA [Click to see visa fee using live exchange rate] for exchange rates. The rate used is : 1.15466 Euros (USD) per UK Pound (£).

    Supporting Documents Bundle (UK Spouse Visa) Amsterdam

    UK Spouse visa requires a large set of documents in support. Since there are many requirements and specified documents. You may find that your documents are in the wrong format, scanned poorly, has too many extra and unrelated pages, needs to be merged or combined to stop you from having 100 plus files and so items can easily be missed by the decision maker.

    Sometimes your items may be too large in size (6 MB or more), your work letter or bank statement may have password protection, all these oversized, password protected and unreadable documents will simply not be considered. This can cause delays and lead to refusals. Please get in touch ( UK 00442071935178 or email saleh@wafi.co.uk ) for supporting documents help and free consultation. Our fees for bundles start at £50 and can be ready in matter of hours. We can reduce the number of files from 100 to just 7 to 12 files, one or two covering each category. Reduce and adapt oversized files, remove passwords and help with the whole upload process.

    Act now, take your next step ( | Monday to Saturday, 8am to 9pm UK time)

    UK Spouse visa is a VERY difficult application to do on your own, it is very expensive (more than £3,300 / $5,070) , complex and tricky to satisfy as there are many requirements and specified documents. You may have what the requirements says but you may not have the particular evidence that the Home Office wants. Your application can be refused if only a single point is missed or not adequately evidenced.

    It is always safer to have a professional look at your situation and documents you are looking to present to see if there is a risk that can be reduced or avoided.

    Why speak with Solicitor Mr Saleh Begh or another lawyer?
    ✓ You can discuss your case and circumstances in detail and get guidance as to the most appropriate application for you to make and what other options are available to you and your family;
    ✓ He can run through the requirements of the Immigration Rules and whether the criteria is met;
    ✓ If you do not fulfil certain criteria, whether this can be overcome and how?
    ✓ He can also consider your case supporting evidence and identify weaknesses;
    ✓ Where required, guide you and help you to obtain further evidence to mitigate (such as medical records, additional bank statements, embassy letters etc);
    ✓ He can, once instructed prepare your application quickly and submit on your behalf, this sometimes depends on complexity and available items. Saves you time, avoids headaches and being stuck or lost;
    ✓ He can explain the visa route and way forward, timescale, costs and any further steps you need to take after you have your visa..

    Please get in touch ( UK 00442071935178 or email saleh@wafi.co.uk ) for more specific information, free 5 minute consultation is offered or leave a question or comment below and we will get in touch (dont forget to include your contact number ).

    Why not share your questions and experiences with others?

    Leave your questions or experiences for others to benefit. Please comment below.

    About the author

    Saleh Begh is a Solicitor (English Attorney) with 15 years experience in UK Immigration and Family law. He routinely deals with complicated Immigration and family law matters. Read more about Saleh Begh

    UK Spouse Visa Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I apply for UK spouse visa from Netherlands?

    Yes you can apply from Netherlands. Usually you will apply from your country of origin (holding the passport) or any other country where you hold a valid residence permit with 6 months or more validity remaining. You can also apply from within the UK if you already have a visa that allows you to switch. Contact us for guidance or help with your case. |

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    Is there a UK Spouse Visa interview?

    Usually the UK Home Office decides on the British and Dutch documents provided as part of the application process, why not have us prepare the perfect bundle? Recently they have started to conduct more and more live spouse visa interviews. This is to check the identity, application details, travel and immigration history and relationship details with both the Dutch applicant and the UK sponsor. The request is sent via email by the Interview Invitation team from WSP Interview Hub in Sheffield, UK.

    We can assist with understanding the process and answer any questions you may have. It is important that you are calm, give precise responses and sound confident during your UK Spouse Visa interview.

    Spouse Visa Interview sample topics and questions
    Review your application form and documents to remember the details you put in there. They will almost certainly ask about the details.

    We can help you ace the interview ! => |

    How long does UK spouse visa take in 2023?

    Currently it is taking between 3 to 6 months from outside the UK (Netherlands ) for standard service, 4 to 8 weeks for priority service (resumed 20 February 2023) and 3 to 12 months from inside the UK depending on your case and complications, unless you go for Super Priority service (which we can secure for you) than next day decision is possible.

    We can help secure your Priority Visa booking service. This puts your family migration / settlement application at the front of the queue at every stage of the decision-making process. The cost of this service is in addition to your visa application fee and is non-refundable if the visa application is refused, or in cases where it takes longer to process. Paying the Priority Visa service fee does not imply or guarantee that your application will be successful. You need an immigration specialist for that as all visa applicants must meet each and every requirement of the UK immigration rules.

    How long does a Priority Visa (family migration / UK settlement for Dutch partner) application take?
    UKVI aims to make a decision on your Priority Visa (family migration / settlement) application within 30 working days from when you submit your biometric information.

    Priority & Super Priority Visa Service Options

    For Visit Visas

    To help manage the significant global demand for visit visa applications, UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) is offering a reduced number of Priority Visa (PV £500) appointments for visit visas each week in locations where these are available.

    Super Priority Visa (SPV £1000) services for visit visas will remain available as normal, where these are offered.

    The reduction in Priority Visa appointments for new visit visa applications will enable UKVI to process more standard applications and gradually reduce the overall processing time for all customers.

    For Study and Work Visas

    Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa appointments for new study and most work applications are available. There is no reduction in the volume of Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa appointments available for study and work applications, where these are offered.

    For Family Visas

    Priority (£500) and Super Priority services (£1000) for new family visa applications has resumed People who wanted to purchase priority service and couldn't will also be able to add this option retrospectively. Contact us for more details.. Further information can be found on GOV.UK. Need help contact us | .

    How to book Priority and Super Priority Visas appointments

    Where available, Priority and Super Priority Visas will be displayed when you book your appointment. Where appointments are showing as unavailable this means that the weekly number of appointments have been taken.

    Further Priority Visa appointments will be released once a week. All new Priority Visa appointments will be released at the same time each week.

    Retrospective Priority and Super Priority Visas services may now be available in some visa categories.

    Where are Priority and Super Priority Visa appointments available?

    You can find the full list of locations where Priority and Super Priority Visa appointments are available on TLS Contact Service Options page.

    Is it difficult to get a UK spouse visa?

    Easy or difficult depends on how you as the applicant and sponsor meet the requirements. If all the requirements are met, they can be easily evidenced than it is routine but the process can be difficult to navigate and it is easy to miss things out and get a refusal. Avoid a rejection, losing time and money is horrible, not to mention the stress and uncertainty, seek professional help now |

    Will my Dutch marriage certificate be recognised in the UK?

    Is Dutch marriage valid in the UK? The short answer is that the UK Home Office will recognise any official marriage conducted out-side the UK. It has to be a legal Dutch court marriage that meets the local Dutch rules. This may not be true for unofficial religious marriages or certificates from countries where multiple spouses are permitted and one or both parties may still be married to someone else in Netherlands or in the UK.

    Please note that any document that is not in English (only Dutch ), official English translations must be provided. Please get in touch so that we can assess and confirm, if your Dutch marriage certificate will be recognised by the UK and what to do to make your case stronger and give you peace of mind. We can also discuss your alternative application options, should your marriage certificate not be recognised, including the option and steps to get married in the UK.

    Do I need to register my foreign Dutch marriage in the UK? As stated above a marriage abroad in Netherlands will be legally recognised in the UK provided it was contracted according to the law of the country in which it took place, in this case Netherlands. There is no requirement, or facility, to register the Dutch marriage in the UK afterwards. UK has stopped the facility where you could re-register or record a marriage that has been conducted abroad.

    What is the difference between spouse visa and partner visa UK?

    There are several types of UK family visas for couples, namely: UK Spouse Visa, UK Partner Visa, UK Fiancé Visa, UK Fiancée Visa, UK Marriage Visa. The key difference between them is the status of the relationship, so a Spouse Visa is for couples who are already married. Unmarried partner visa is for the couple who have lived together (usually 2 years or more) akin to marriage but are not married and currently do not intend to get married. Fiancé, Fiancée Visa is for couples who want to get married (in the next 6 months) and settle in the UK. Lastly, UK Marriage (Visitor) Visa is for couples living abroad and want to get married in the UK but are not currently looking to settle in the UK.

    Can I bring my Dutch girlfriend to the UK? You can bring your Dutch girlfriend / boyfriend to the UK as a visitor / student / worker, however to settle here i.e. stay for longer than 6 months or be able to work and study in the UK based on the family ties (husband / wife / girlfriend / boyfriend / unmarried partner) they would need to meet the UK spouse visa requirements or UK unmarried partner visa requirements.

    UK Family visa or UK Dependant visa?
    Please remember that if your sponsor is in the UK on a work visa or student visa, you cannot apply for a family visa, since your family member themselves are in the UK temporarily under a sponsorship from a company or university, as a worker or a student. You can only apply to stay with them as their dependant instead. This is a different route and has different requirements. We can help you with your UK Dependant visa applications, please get in touch.

    Can my Dutch partner work in the UK?

    Yes, with a spouse visa, you can work, run a business, study and travel in and out as many times as you like. You should watch your time out-side UK (Netherlands) because If you have too many days absence this may mean you do not qualify for permanent settlement (ILR).

    How much bank balance is required for UK spouse visa?

    Usually if you meet the income requirements of £18,600 or £38,700 (from April 2024), the bank balance is not relevant. If you are relying on savings you need £62,500 ($80,156) (74,752 Euros) or (£112,750 ($144,594) (134,853 Euros) from April 2024) or more minimum balance (fully on savings) or a mix of income and savings £16,000 ($20,526) (19,137 Euros) to £62,500 / £112,750 or more in savings).

    Dutch partner income

    Usually the applicant income is only considered and can be included if the application is made while resident in the UK and they have permission to work as per their current visa remarks. Savings can be used from both partners and regardless of where the funds are held long as the bank is an FCA approved Bank and source of funds evidence is also available.

    What is the UK Dutch spouse visa duration and how much does it cost?

    The UK Dutch spouse visa / unmarried partner visa is issued initially for 3 months (example Valid from : 20/12/2023 and Valid until : 20/03/2024 ) via a vignette / sticker on your passport in Netherlands. Once in the UK you will collect your BRP card from your local Royal Mail Post Office offering BRP Card Collection Service and it will have a 33 months duration (example Place and Date of Issue : UK 20/12/2023 Valid until 31/12/2024*). All BRP cards issued now end on 31/12/2024 even if your visa expires on 20/09/2026 . This is because the UK Home Office is looking to change or discontinue BRP cards in 2025. It will most likely move to an online portal where employers, landlords, banks, airports and airlines can view your UK immigration status. As regards costs, you are looking at £1,846 ($2,381) (2,208 Euros) application fee and £1,872 ($2,411) (2,239 Euros) IHS medical fee, (£3,105 from Mid January 2024) and more for any English translation of documents and other test certificates.

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    Home Office Exchange Rates Policy
    The Home Office Exchange Rate Policy (HOERP) is used to set the exchange rates for Home Office fees charged in foreign currencies, The policy applies the Oanda (live bid rate at the time of update) as the base exchange rate when taking payments in any currency other than pound sterling. All Home Office exchange rates are set at 4% above the Oanda live bid rates. This is designed to ensure that exchange rates charged reflect commercial exchange rates, while also ensuring that the risk to the Home Office, and UK taxpayer, of fluctuating exchange rates is kept to a minimum.

    What if our Dutch UK Spouse Visa is refused?

    If you get a refusal, you have the option to re-apply or appeal. The decision you take depends on your circumstances and the reasons for the refusal. Some reasons can only be addressed via representation and by an immigration judge. You have a limited time to act so contact us for guidance and tips |

    What happens if our relationship ends

    As the visa is based on the relationship (Partner or Spouse), if the relationship comes to an end the visa would also end, this is not automatic but the sponsor removing their support means you cannot renew on the same basis or will be cut short (if you or the sponsor notify the Home Office). If there are British children involved or there was domestic violence you may have other visa options such as parent of a British child or may benefit from Home Office DV concessions rules. Do you need help with divorce? For guidance, options and tips contact us |

    Family Law - financial rights and obligations

    Getting married is an exciting time and often couples don’t consider how their legal obligations to each other will change when they get married. Why not let us prepare agreements that give you more certainty about your financial rights and obligations if your marriage breaks down.

    If you are planning to marry, you may want to consider protecting assets or determining the financial terms of separation in case your relationship breaks down by entering into a prenuptial agreement. If you are already married, you may want to consider entering into a post nuptial agreement to regulate the financial terms of any separation. This step may be particularly important to couples who are moving to or out of the UK and want to link the outcome of any divorce to the laws of their country of origin. The agreement can also tackle financial, tax and succession planning.

    Wafi Solicitors are highly experienced in drafting, negotiating and advising on pre and post nuptial agreements. They give clear and efficient advice on the law, but are sensitive to the social, religious and emotional difficulties associated with the process.

    They act for a wide range of people including business owners looking to protect their business interests, families wishing to protect inherited wealth, wealthy individuals and couples who have international connections (Netherlands ). They can also help with parenting agreements, romantic fraud avoidance and other family related tasks. For guidance, options and tips |

    Royal Mail Post office BRP Card Collection Service

    The following Royal Mail Post Offices have BRP Card Collection Services in London (View All of UK) | Strand, Queensland House, 393 Strand, London WC2R 0LT | Broadway, 1 Broadway, London SW1H 0AX | Aldwych, 95 Aldwych, London WC2B 4JN | Southampton Row, 86 Southampton Row, London WC1B 4BB | Great Portland Street, 54-56 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7NE | Grays Inn, 24-28 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8HR | Farringdon Road, 39-41 Farringdon Road, London EC1M 3JB | Baker Street, 111 Baker Street, London W1U 6SG | Moorgate, 45 London Wall, London EC2M 5TE | The City of London, 12 Eastcheap, London EC3M 1AJ

    Guide limitations and legal disclaimer

    Please note that the information is up to date December 2023 for Approved English Tests Centers and Commercial Partners using this English Centre Link ) however the data above is provided for reference only as things can change without notice or may not apply in your particular situation (British Spouse Visa - Dutch Spouse Visa - United Kingdom - Netherlands ). No liability will be accepted for loss or other consequences arising from reliance on the information provided. Please also note that the Home Office fees, legal fees and other costs are usually non-refundable

    We have helped UK visa applicants from Netherlands | UK spouse visa, UK husband visa and UK wife visa from Netherlands | city and population in 2023 | Amsterdam ( 1165898 ) , Rotterdam ( 1014675 ) , The Hague ( 709388 ) , Utrecht ( 558802 )

    We speak your language and have worked in your country: أَفْغَانِسْتَان البحرين বাংলাদেশ جيبوتي مصر الإمارات العربية المتحدة إريتريا المغرب تونس السودان السورية Türkiye پَاکِسْتَان
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