Spouse Visa Application Centre

We are here to make obtaining your spouse visa for yourself or your family member easy as possible.

We can assist you with the process from start to finish. We can assess your circumstances and UK immigration law requirements and identify potential risk factors so that extra effort is made to avoid any disappointment or visa refusal.

Some aspects of the application process is easy but getting everything in place and getting your visa the first time is not easy. The total fee and cost of application is high much as £3500 per person. Making a mistake or missing something can make you lose a lot of money and several months of your precious time.

Using a professional does usually cost additional fees, but it also means less headaches for you, less trying to make sense of everything and less work for you as they will take care of the application, documents, appointments etc. You can save money as they will insist on you making an application that is very likely to succeed thus you safeguard yourself from re-application fees and several months of waiting.

Use our Spouse Visa Guide for country and nationality specific details.

Please call 02071935178 to discuss your needs or email saleh@wafi.co.uk

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  1. Hi, my name is Rasha from Egypt, my husband is British citizin living now in the UK. We are going to apply for a spous visa in March. We were advised to use a Solicitor. I’d like to know how much you charge for such case. Thanks

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