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Spouse Visa European partner.

UK left the European union on 31 December 2020.

European nationals who are in the UK were required to register their presence and also obtain confirmation documents / status letters. Pre-Settled if you have less than 5 years in the UK and Settled if you have more than 5 years in the UK.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to bring family members from abroad, not simply because the rules have changed, they have but also there is little to no commitment to issue visas or avoid procrastination on the part of the Home Office. Call 02071933839 now to discuss your case.

Many EEA countries have stopped EEA visas for family members of British nationals soon after the BrExit vote in 2016. UK too has sporadically been putting the EEA family permit on the slow process. It was issued under 4 weeks prior to BrExit vote but in recent times has moved to 6 months or longer standard service in some countries.

Europeans and their family members are subject visas and stricter requirements similar to North Americans and Australians. They can visit but for settlement will be treated like any other nationality. Unless the sponsor was in the UK prior to 2020 and obtained the said residence documents

If you have not applied for your EEA family permit, any delay could mean you are no longer are able to. Seek professional help today (02071933839) and catch the train before the station is finally closed for good. Currently if your relationship with the European began and can be evidenced with a marriage certificate up to 31 December 2020 you may still be eligible.

If your relationship evidence such as marriage document is from 2021 than you will need to engage the UK domestic visa rules and your sponsor will need to show pre-settled or settled status to sponsor you. Thus your human rights are still protected but you need deep pockets (£2,700 plus in fees) and also need for additional documents ( English language certificate etc).

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