UK Settled Partner

A spouse or a partner who has a Settled Status (has indefinite leave to remain – ILR ) in the UK may apply for their spouse or partner like a British citizen sponsor. The same could be true for EEA nationals after 31 October 2019 (Brexit).

The requirement for UK settled partner is identical to the British Spouse route. There is a small difference if the Home Office decides to refuse the application and there is a human rights consideration or claim. This is case unlike suggesting a British citizen to live abroad, they could state in the refusal letter that you both can live abroad as you are from the same country and hold the national passport. The same could be said if you both were different countries as well. So for example a Moroccan national holding UK ILR status applies to bring her husband to the UK and he is from the USA. The Home Office could state that they both can live either in USA or Morocco. Totally disregarding the difficulties in spouse visa processes in both of these countries.

Use our Spouse Visa Guide for country and nationality specific details.

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